Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Greenfield Village

We had a beautiful day visiting Greenfield Village yesterday. It has been one of my favorite places to visit in Dearborn,Michigan for a long time now. It is part of what they call The Henry Ford, which has a museum and the outdoor village. The Village is a step back in time, where there are historical homes, (the actual ones), a working farm, a real steam engine train, model T cars to ride in, and more. The people who work at the Village are dressed in attire that people wore in the late 1800's, they speak to you about the history of the time. It is really fascinating, and it is a great way for children to learn about history. As a little girl I took lots of field trips in school to both The Village and The Museum. When I was an adult I had an annual pass that brought me to the Village with friends many times. Its one of the places that makes me feel at home when I am visiting these days.

I realized as we were enjoying our day, that all the times I had spent at the Village before I never photographed it, now that I am constantly trying to document what I am doing for the blog, I discovered how much time and even energy it takes away from the experience to be pulling out my camera to shoot. I thought for a moment how nice it was to just take things in and not be distracted, so I held back a bit on the photo's, and took a few video's instead.

Here is some of what I did capture.....

These pictures below are of The Cotswold Cottage, built in the Early 1600's in Chedworth, Gloucestershire, England. The Gardens were beautiful!

This picture below is the Garden out behind the Dagget Farmhouse, which was built in 1754 in Andover, Connecticut. I loved how they made a bean tee pee out of tree branches.

This picture is of the field of corn and tobacco, that was grown on the Susquehanna Plantation, you can see the house in the backround, it was built around 1835 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

These ladies were walking down main street chanting about their right to vote.

I love this picture. Chloe and her friend Estelle wanted us to buy these bonnets for them. They spent about 15 minutes looking for the same one's in the same size. Chloe has been wearing her's ever since. I need to complete the rest of the costume for her when we get home.

When I figure out how to get Blogger to let me download the video I took, I will add it to this post. In the meantime, click on the Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford link above to learn more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Russ and his family took me to that place when I visited a few years ago. Very educational!

Gabby said...

Hi Amy!
I love the cottage! It is just beautiful. You are having so much fun! Good for you.

Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. :O)

Please tell Chloe and Blake "HI" from Xairan and me.


CJ said...

What beautiful gardens!

daleth said...

Love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

hey there...great pics..great place....

Paida said...

I used to go on field trips there when I was a kid!

My mom made me a hat just like that when I was around Chloe's age. I know we have a photo of it somewhere.

lydiafdc said...

God we used to go there all the time as kids. We "thought" about it a couple weeks ago, but it was too cold ;)

Love the pic of the bonnet girls!