Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kitty Love

We have ourselves another new animal in our world. Let me introduce you to Finn, our 4 month old boy kitty. He is very sweet, playful and has green eyes. He came from the Humane Society and when we meet him, it was instant love. All I can say is "he had me at meow". Chloe and I knew right away that he was the one for us, I will always remember the look in her eyes, and the tears I had to fight back.

All we know about his history is that he was found about a month ago in a box, outside with his Mother. Someone was going for a walk and heard meowing and found the box in a bush. We think his Mama was adopted by someone else.

Before we went to the Humane Society, Chloe happened to fall off our hammock and hurt her shoulder. We ruled out a dislocated shoulder and after about 45 minutes she seemed to be okay, so off we went to search for a new kitten. When we got home that night Chloe was still in pain and the next morning we found ourselves at Children's Hospital getting her checked out. Turns out she broke her clavicle (collar) bone. So, she is now wearing a sling and taking it easy. She still has figured out how to hold Finn though, and is doing pretty well. We are always going to remember this day, when we adopted Finn, that Chloe had a broken collar bone and we didn't know it !! I figured if she was okay enough to go to the Humane Society, nothing was broken, how wrong I was on that one, another lesson learned !