Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eastern Market

One of the places we visited was Eastern Market in Downtown Detroit. I am very fond of this place, because it was the first Farmers Market I experienced as a young adult. I spent many Saturdays throughout the years here, cold wintery one's, rainy, and sunny ones. I used to spend maybe $20 at the most, and come home with a slew of fresh veggies and fruit, and bouquets of flowers to decorate my house with. You can find just about everything there, surrounding the outdoor market are various specialty shops in old buildings, where you can get bulk goods, meats, wine, and even vintage treasures. It makes for a leisurely afternoon, with lots of authentic people watching. By the way, it was a warm and humid day, no sunshine, just misty rain here and there...felt good.

I was with my good friend Elizabeth, and her daughter Estelle, which Chloe and Blake just love. The girls were sporting there bonnets, which brought quite a few strange looks our way. We visited The Pottery Guy, stopped to listen to the people at Bert's, a little jazz cafe, they were having an outside karaoke party. Then we went to The Rocky Peanut company, which is a bulk goods type of place, they have a huge selection of candy, and on the way out, one of the employees gave the kids candy cigarettes, which where made of gum with a wrapper around it. This was a hit, especially when we walked back into the market to find blueberries and peaches. We were heckled by folks, and at the same time I was totally disgusted due to my gum phobia.

Lots of images to share from the day....

The kids smoking their fags outside the "Mr Softy" Ice cream truck. This guy was so funny. He painted all the images in his truck himself, and when I got to chatting with him, he told me the whole business was for sale, $25,000.My friend Elizabeth buying some zuchinni

I just loved the grown in Detroit sign, notice the carrot, in place of an i.

Great buildings, great shopping and eating inside.

The kids loved touching this big blue ball while visiting "The Pottery Guy"

The Avalon Bakery, on 2nd and Willis, we ended the day here, with coffee and yummy cookies, and a loaf of bread, there speciality !

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