Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Littlest Birds

When I woke up out of a deeply satisfying sleep this morning, I heard the sweet sound of birds singing outside my window...its another sure sign of spring. It made me think of this song by the "Be Good Tanya's".

Monday, March 24, 2008


Two little people, two Jacaranda trees, two swings...what more could one ask for...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mountain Bliss

We were so fortunate to have spent a long weekend in this lovely, cozy little cabin in Idyllwild , courtesy of a very generous family. What a way to get~away! Oh the bliss of no obligations other than the basics, warm food and drinks, keeping the fire going, and spending quality time with your family. I just loved doing what I call, "tuning out"..... from the TV, the Computer, the Blackberry, the constant driving! There is much to be said about living a simple life, and that is what we did for 3 days. It was just so peaceful and relaxing, not to mention, quiet. There was also, fun to have, fun in the snow that is ! Chloe and Blake got to experience their first snowfall, first time waking up to a winter wonderland, first time sledding, first snow angels, and first snowman built. For Alan and I, we got to remember what it was like for us growing up in Michigan Winters. As much as I love Sunny Southern California, it was really a treat to have a change in weather...just two hours away and we were in the mountains with snow.

This is what it looked like as we woke up on Sunday Morning..

Snow Pants...I forgot about those...


Keeping warm...we did a lot of this...

Some great of the many cabin amenities

Chloe and I learned to crochet...Blake is helping to...

A Weekend Get~Away, so very good for the soul... Thanks Annie !
More images here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mama's got a Brand New Bag !

I finally made a bag for myself! It has been on the project list for close to a year now! I ran into a road block on the tree project, and am waiting for some fabric to finish it. So, when I came across this tutorial a few days ago, it was just the perfect quick project to get that feeling of accomplishment I was needing in my sewing world. I used one of the fabrics from Anna Maria Horner's Bohemian line. Its suppose to be reversible, but I added some pockets in the inside so I don't need to fumble for my keys and phone. I also added a liner of cotton flannel to give it more weight, a suggestion that came from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing Book, which I highly recommend whenever you are making a bag or purse. Great book I might add to !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Bloom

Flowers are blooming in our front garden bed. Each day a new flower emerges to greet us. It is definitely spring here in San Diego !

Maybe it might be time to take down the snowflakes in our windows !

Friday, March 7, 2008


We just received our weekly issue of The New Yorker, my favorite magazine, and one of my few truly pleasurable indulgences that I take part in every weekend. I could go on and on about how wonderful this magazine is, and how everyone should possess a weekly copy of it, but I won't, you will have to look for yourself, if you have not already. I will tell you, one thing that I look forward to is finding it in my mail, and the first glance I get at the art on the cover. This one just blew me away...isn't it just beautiful ! The Artist is Ana Juan, and it looks like she has done the art for some great children's books, that I will just have to purchase in the future. Check out her website, and enjoy!

P.S. Sorry I was gone from here for so long...I was enjoying a well needed blog break.