Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Characters

Chloe got busy making some spooky characters to decorate with for Halloween. Here's who she created....

I love them all....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Girls Weekend in Idyllwild

Chloe & I went to Idyllwild this past weekend, for a Girls Only adventure at "The Little Cabin on the Creek". Daddy & Blake stayed home so they could go to the Miramar Air Show, experiencing fun & exciting Boy time.

We had a very peaceful time. We read books, watched the Stellar Blue Jays & squirrels eat peanuts we left on the deck for them, had a nice warm fire in the evening, drank hot cocoa, went for walks breathing in the fresh mountain air along with the scent of pine trees, and visited the Idyllwild Nature Center. It was a lovely time, and we have images to prove it !!

Thanks to our friends at Plump Otter for sharing their beautiful cabin with us, a great place for Mother/Daughter bonding!

Friday, October 3, 2008


We went for an evening jaunt to the beach on Thursday, one of the Hottest Days we have had this month, to cool off and catch the sunset. It was of course, beautiful as most sunsets are. I had a hard time figuring out how to pick up the vibrant orange color of the sun in my camera, so imagine it turned up about 5 notches.

When we got there, we ran down to the ocean, breathing in the smell and the coolness of the ocean air, I thought yes, I can capture this moment with pictures, the kids playing in the water, the different colors of the sunset sky, the pelican's flying close to the ocean waves, but then it happened. The beans & rice that we ate for dinner before coming were having their way with Blake's digestive system, he put his hand over his behind and said, "Mommy, hurry up, dig a hole, I have to go poop !" So, what does a mother do at this point ? Dig a hole if front of everyone so we can stay close to the water and click away on the camera, or turn around and run to the public rest room ? (By the way, I have never dug the whole at the beach before)

Well, you guessed it, we ran, away from our perfect moment, all the way to the bathroom, and got Blake on his throne, while Chloe and I watched the sunset from the boardwalk. It was all the way down when Blake was done. How quickly it goes below the horizon. All that work to get to the beach, ah, well, we will have to try again another day, another sunset.