Monday, January 28, 2008

30 Days ~ Interuption

Well, wouldn't you know it...when I decide to commit myself to posting a photo everyday, computer problems get in the way !!

I have to say, I love I-photo, it has changed my short photographic life. Editing is so easy and makes a huge difference, not to mention the program is just so easy to use, especially for someone like me. But, we have problems, and have been having them ever since Alan updated to Mac OS X Leopard, and purchased the MacBook Pro laptop. He had a great idea in mind, and that was to have each one of us log in as different users. He also purchased an external hard drive to keep all the photo's in, since I have been taking so many these days. So, for the past 3 months he has been working hard to try to network everything together. It has taken hours upon hours, and the biggest challenge has been with I-photo. As of today, I can't edit any photo's, and can't even find the one's I have downloaded in the past few days, and have no access to all of our photo's since we went digital.

So, I am going to take a break from 30 days of posting, and hope to resume at the end of the week. Bummer, because I was really having a good time, and have 3 days worth of great images to share with you. Alan has decided to call in The Geek Squad, and they will be coming on Thursday. Man, I hope the Geek is a Mac Genius!! If any of you know something about networking Mac's, or know someone who does know, please tell me !!

4:59 PM, Update; We are having a specialist from Cry Wolf of San Diego come out, not The Geek Squad, apparently they are Mac pro's.

Friday, January 25, 2008

30 days ~ Day 8

We had a mellow day for Blake's Birthday. Chloe has had a yucky flu, (for 3 days now) which kept us home bound. So, what better way to celebrate then to make Chocolate Cupcakes or (Pupcakes) as Blake still likes to call them. We used the simple cake recipe on the Hershey's Cocoa can, and believe it or not, its a great recipe.

Blake and Chloe love to bake with me. Blake does all the mixing and Chloe cracks the eggs, and I clean up the's a group effort !

The end result, a little Happy Birthday song, four candles to blow out, and a very happy Boy. Of course, another celebration is in the works for Sunday....with lots of friends and fun...Let's hope we don't get rained out...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

30 Days ~ Day 7

Today, is my Baby Boy (not so much a baby anymore) Blake's Birthday. He's 4 years old. I tried to go back through photo's to find some earlier baby pictures of him, but since we have switched over to the Mac, and have been having some issue's with I-photo, I don't have anything available beyond last year. So, I had to resort to taking a photo of one of a the Black and White Film series that we have hanging in our hallway. (Which keeps with my theme of a photo a day. It might be cheating using past images, right ?? Good thing is, I can make or break the rules on this one..:)

Back to the photo, this was taken just minutes after Blake was born, by Nicole, the Doula we had helping us. I am so thankful for these images, because my labor was so short and sweet (and lets not forget PAINFUL!) that we may not have gotten any photo's if it were not for Nicole. We laugh because she really ended up being our photographer more than anything. After having a 13 hour labor with Chloe ( 3 hours of that just pushing..harsh, yes I know !), it was a true blessing to have a 2 and a half hour labor with Blake.

Looking at this image reminds me of what I consider to be one of the most precious moments of my lifetime. Not only because I had just given birth to my son, but because my two and a half year old daughter Chloe was right there to share it all. It felt so completely natural, and she was so calm and sweet. I think she was in awe of Blake as we were, but she also took care of me at that moment, stroking my neck and comforting me with her unconditional love. There is really much more to the story of this day 4 years ago, but I will leave that out for now. I do know that I will remember it vividly for a long, long time.

Happy Birthday Blake !!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

30 Days ~ Day 6

On our way home from pre-school, big, puffy, and low lying clouds. I love the clouds, and the color of the sky the day after rain in San Diego!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

30 Days ~ Day 5

A very big project I am working on... Image is not the greatest, it was taken in the garage late at night, and the lighting is pretty low, so I edited it to Black and White. Anyhow, you get the idea...I am hoping that this will turn out close to the way I envisioned it, and that it will work functionally. I will leave you hanging on what it will be...and promise to show the finished results!

Monday, January 21, 2008

30 Days~ Day 4

A little late today on my photo. We were having I-Photo issues, images on an external drive, networking to the laptop, things I have to wait for the Computer Genius to come home and fix. (Grateful for Him, that's for sure !)

So, can you believe I still have tomato's slowly ripening in this Wintry San Diego Weather? This is the second round, from my summer plant. Unfortunately the Veggie Garden only gets a few hours of afternoon sun this time of year, so these baby's have been Green for about 3 months now, they just started changing color...I even have some cherry tomato's to... Can't wait to eat's to hoping that we can escape this next month without a frost !

Sunday, January 20, 2008

30 Days ~ Day 3

Chloe's Mermaid and Lobster...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

30 Days ~ Day 2

Fresh cut flowers....Pink Gerbera Daisy's

Friday, January 18, 2008

30 Days of Our Days...

Vintage Roller Skates ~ from Skate World

In the spirit of a few of my friends, and their inspiring 365 days Photography Projects, here, here and here, and other blogger inspirations, I am going to post a simple photo from our day, for 30 days. The hardest part...will be to pick one photo! I am a lover of posting numerous photo's, so this should be interesting...especially since Blake's Birthday is next week.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Patiently waiting for me (for over a month now) to plant them in the ground, so they can give us their gifts of flowers.

Two different types of Narcissus (also referred to as Daffodil, and Amaryllis...

Soon, my precious bulbs, soon.....