Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Green & Rain

There is so much Green here in Michigan, the trees, the grass, all the different plants... For the past two days we have had rain in the afternoon. It was warm, muggy and dewy, everything I remember a summer rain in the Midwest to be. I even had a mosquito grace me with a bite right on my cheek. I really should have more images, but there is still time to capture it all. Right now I am just sitting back and taking it all in.

All of these pictures were taken at my dear friend Leslie's home in Royal Oak, Michigan.


CJ said...

What a beautiful bird bath!

ma and pa otter said...

wow, it looks so lush and wet and I miss that.
haven't been blogging lately with all our family visiting...its good to check in and see the goings on with you guys. miss you. summer it up!

daleth said...

You caught the sense of beautifulness a rain brings. We miss you.