Monday, July 7, 2008

The Red Eye

Well, we made it to Michigan. The drive up to LA was nice, the sun was setting, and I had that feeling of relief you get when everything is packed and all you need to do is get to the airport on time. We arrived just in time to check in our bag, get through security, and sit down to read a short book to Chloe and Blake. Then it was time to get on our 11:30 pm flight. I actually thought we would sleep the whole 4 hours but that didn't happen. Their was to much excitement, noise and people who like to drink coffee and eat during the midnight hours. Both kids did manage to sleep on my lap for some of the time, and I nodded off a bit.

The strangest thing was to open the windows 20 minutes before we landed to see a bright sunrise, when it was really 3:30 am California time. That's when I took our red eye images. This is what it looks like !!

We arrived at my Brother Andrew's house about a half an hour after our plane arrived... thank God he lives close to the airport !! We immediately went right to sleep for about 3 hours to try to catch up on a sleepless night. I felt a big guilty taking my kids on the red eye, knowing how much sleep they would miss, and how much it would mess up their schedule. But, its kind of a trade off for the experience they will get with their cousin's, Aunt's and Uncle's and Grandparents... its all a trade off this parenting stuff anyhow, right ??

We woke up around Noon and ran off to my other Brother, Matt's house to swim, and have a BBQ with Chloe and Blake's cousins. Everyone had a great time...and the kids were so exhausted they fell asleep on the way home, and we moved them right to bed.

Chloe & her Cousin's, Kara & Payton, she and Blake have 6 total... all adorable and great fun !

The ironic thing about our Red Eye experience is that today when Chloe woke up she had an eye that was swollen shut with a yucky discharge that had come out during the night... I used a warm compress, and followed it by a cold compress with tea bags, and then found the nearest Urgent Care clinic, to have her diagnosed with Pink Eye. It seems to have cleared up pretty quickly by this evening, so I think she will be okay. The important part is that we are having fun, and we made it here without a glitch !


daleth said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time!
The kids will be fine.

Gabby said...

Hey, you can save that picture of Chloe and her pink eye and use it as blackmail when she starts dating. MUUUAAAAHAHAHAHAA!

Just kidding!

I am so happy you guys are having fun. You deserve it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

oh no eye from the red eye :) poor girl! Have a great time..looks like you already are!