Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making Something out of Nothing

One of the places I had to make sure I visited while in the D, was The Heidelberg Project . I believe this is a very important exhibit of what one person can create in the midst of nothing. I wanted to make sure Chloe and Blake saw this, and the neighborhoods surrounding it. I think they are pretty young to get the whole concept, but at least they were exposed. It won't be the first time they visit this place ! When I was living in Michigan, I made sure to take anyone who visited from another city down to Heidelberg street to see what was happening. It has definitely evolved since I was there last. Good things have been happening. So what am I talking about ?? Well, take a look at all the images and then click on the link above and watch the video to learn more....

I know, tons of pictures....I couldn't help myself !

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