Monday, January 21, 2008

30 Days~ Day 4

A little late today on my photo. We were having I-Photo issues, images on an external drive, networking to the laptop, things I have to wait for the Computer Genius to come home and fix. (Grateful for Him, that's for sure !)

So, can you believe I still have tomato's slowly ripening in this Wintry San Diego Weather? This is the second round, from my summer plant. Unfortunately the Veggie Garden only gets a few hours of afternoon sun this time of year, so these baby's have been Green for about 3 months now, they just started changing color...I even have some cherry tomato's to... Can't wait to eat's to hoping that we can escape this next month without a frost !


daleth said...

This is a very cool photo, like for a cooking cover book.

erica said...

I agree, amazing photo!