Friday, January 25, 2008

30 days ~ Day 8

We had a mellow day for Blake's Birthday. Chloe has had a yucky flu, (for 3 days now) which kept us home bound. So, what better way to celebrate then to make Chocolate Cupcakes or (Pupcakes) as Blake still likes to call them. We used the simple cake recipe on the Hershey's Cocoa can, and believe it or not, its a great recipe.

Blake and Chloe love to bake with me. Blake does all the mixing and Chloe cracks the eggs, and I clean up the's a group effort !

The end result, a little Happy Birthday song, four candles to blow out, and a very happy Boy. Of course, another celebration is in the works for Sunday....with lots of friends and fun...Let's hope we don't get rained out...

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lydiafdc said...

Even though rained out there was lots of fun to be had at Pump it up. Glad we made in time for my kids to get in on those jumpies....they had a blast!

Glad Chloe's better too, Ry was down for 4 days last week. It is so sad when they are sick. I am more and more thankful for the healthy times!