Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Camp

Chloe went to The Naturalist Adventure Camp last week. It was the perfect place for her. She really had a wonderful time. There was lots of exploring, learning, and playing. They spent their days at Mission Trails Regional Park, Torrey Pines State Reserve, and Tecolote Canyon Nature Park. Chloe was the youngest child there. The ages ranged from 7 to 13. I think the older kids kept an eye out for Chloe. She even had an helper assigned to her, McClain. She and Chloe instantly fell in love with each other. Everyday when I dropped her off or picked her up, they were hugging. It was so cute. I think the idea of having and older sister for Chloe and a younger for McClain was very appealing. Chloe came home teaching me about all the things she learned, what a delight ! The last day they had a group skit that was based on a Native American Folk story that involved "Mother Spider" and the "Sun".

You can read about the camp here. I highly recommend it. It was developed by two very intelligent and loving teachers from Chloe's school. It is such a nice feeling to take your child to a camp like this, knowing that she will be loved and nurtured and challenged at the same time.

P.S. See more pictures of the week on my Flickr page


Martihuerta said...

I met Merryl on Friday... She said what we all know: Chloe is so funny! I can say she's also Bidane´s best friend and the funny part is that Mclean is one of Aitana's best friends too! Friends, friends, friends... we're lucky!

Paida said...

OK my kids are going to that camp next year!

I loved the T-shirts. They remind me of something I would have worn in Ann Arbor circa 1977.

Hey I hope you guys are coming to the bird park concert on Sat night. Be there or be square!

ma and pa otter said...

I love all your pictures...really great perspective! and its good to see everyone sucking up that summer fun. Beautiful posts lately, great writing! we gotta get together one of these summer days.

lydiafdc said...

I love Merrill (McClain's mom & co-founder)!! I will be sending Indi next year too. This summer we are forced to vacation in San Diego :)

BTW...remind me to tell you my crazy story about your "Life" post.