Monday, July 23, 2007

Tribute to Blake

Here is a video that Alan made a couple of years ago. It's footage from the time Blake was born up until he was about 8 months old. Chloe was 2 and a half.

Just a little more narrative so you can understand the conversation that the video begins with. You will see my back, and check out the paper I have in my hands. I was on speaker phone with our friend Jerry going over names for our soon to be born baby boy. Chloe was in the bath tub that evening. Funny thing was, the next morning at 5:30am I woke up in labor, and Blake was born at 7:55 am.



Paida said...

We loved it! The kids and I that is.

What a cute boy. Aida noticed how he has the same face he has now.

Pablo kept calling him "blank" which I found pretty darn cute.

Paida said...

I forgot to say he has crappy taste is beer though!

ma and pa otter said...

that is one cute boy and I love the name choosing footage...great!

Caroline said...

I love the name choosing footage too..yup..crappy beer taste though..I agree.. haha.

Love the music..and the footage of Chloe cool to see your kids when they were really little.

Amy said...

That's his Daddy's beer of choice... I say yuck to... Blake use to love to suck on the can, must have been because it was cold.

Paida said...

Am I crazy in thinking Pabst is from Detroit? If it is then I will put in in the category of "comfort food" for Alan and not think he is totally off his rocker.

E'l Roy said...

My favourite part is you, Amy, on the phone having to explain to Jerry who Gordy Howe is!

Ashley said...

Loved it, Amy!

My dad made videos like that of me while I was growing up, set to music. They are priceless to me.

Checking your blog is now part of my internet routine.


Amy said...

You guys are the best... Ashley, love that I am part of your internet routine ! are so perceptive...I was wondering if anyone would hear the Gordy Howe bit!

Lauren..Pabst is from Milwaukee..check out this link
if I got the hmtl tag right, its Wikipedia's PBR definition. Someone else we know or knew kept saying Blank to..funny

Amy said...

Got it wrong...going to have to cut n paste.

Andrew said...

Thats really cool, looking forward to seeing the gang in a few weeks.


E'l Roy said...

Are you kidding? There are a few things about a woman that'll really grab my attention: red hair, an Irish brogue, and a comfortable familiarity with hockey! Sure there are more, but those were the first that came to mind.