Monday, September 20, 2010

One Year Later

So, I have abandoned this blog for a whole year now, so sorry to everyone, especially my future self, let's see if I can keep up with posting again. I have thousands of pictures from the past year, along with lots of stories, and I have no idea how I could recapture that here. So maybe I will play some catch up in the coming weeks, and maybe not, no expectations, right ?

What I can say, is we are back to school yet again, Chloe is in 4th grade, and Blake in first. We had an amazing summer, great food, an abundant garden, totally relaxing & fun vacations, a fun birthday celebration for Chloe, a festive labor day party with great friends, and lots of time to chill at the beach, which is what I am missing most at this point. So all I have right now is this picture that I LOVE, it was taken on one of those lazy evenings at Coronado beach while we were packing up and heading home. Sun-kissed and grateful for living just 20 minutes away from the ocean.


Ashley DuChene said...

Yay! You're back!

As a way to feel caught up, just post a bunch of random pictures from the year and fill in a few words under each one. No pressure.

Anonymous said...

Hi :) xx

Mine has been abandoned too...hope to see more ;)

Mattmos said...

Welcome back

ma and pa otter said...

what beautiful babes! and a perfect summer!

craig or cami said...

I peek down the on Plumpotter every now and again and I was rewarded today. I love to hear the news and see the growth on the babies of all those I know and see only for the briefest of moments twice a year. Happy new beginnings of school and blog!