Monday, September 21, 2009

Blake's New Hair

Lots of changes in Blake's life. He just started Kindergarten, he has made new friends, he's learned how to swim, he lost his very first tooth,and now he has short hair !!

He's been wanting this for a few months now, but Momma & Daddy had a hard time imagining him without out his long locks. After seeing him with short hair, which really enhances his big boy attitude these days, I think it I was hesitant because the long hair still makes it feel like he is a little, little, boy. Oh be still my beating heart!

He was really into sitting in the chair. Suzi the stylist really knows how to give a good boy's cut !

Look at all that hair ! I bet this makes the Grand Parents happy, it has sure made all of us happy, especially Blake.


Kim and Rob said...

Oh Amy! He is a CUTIE! Looks like he has a bit of sassyness to him, too! You better watch out - the phone will be a-ringing! xxoo

E'l Roy said...

Wow! You look great, Blake!

ma and pa otter said...

Blake you look awesome and I love seeing you at school in Kindergarten.

Ms Morgan said...

The whole first day after the cut, I kept looking around the classroom saying, "Where is Blake? Where is Blake?"

craig or cami said...

Amy those are awesome pics! I love the the expression on his cutie face. - Cami