Friday, February 27, 2009

The Potters Produce

Chloe's school has a kiln now, very exciting indeed. The first project was a pinch pot, the one above is hers. She presented it to me with a flower in it. How sweet and beautiful, especially the smile she had on her face when she handed it to me. The one that says " I am so proud I made this!" Chloe was sick the day of her next project so her Art Teacher gave us some clay to take home to complete it. Hanging plaques, which will be hung around the school on art night in May, even Blake made one, next week they will glaze them.

I was very happy to bring home my first set of respectable mugs this week from my class. I can't tell you how much I loved making these. I think the best part about bringing home new pieces is that I leave them on the table for Chloe and Blake to find in the morning, they get so excited, and want to use them right away. They are my biggest fans ! What a gift that is. There will be more mugs to come, I am on a roll !


ma and pa otter said...

love it!!

artistry abounds in your world!


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of leaving them on the table in the morning for the kids ..awww :)

aaryn b. said...

You guys do the greatest projects! When can I drop Ruby off???
BTW- Fantastic pics.

elva nugent said...

Amy: You are really turning into a pottery artist! The mugs are really awesome! Elva