Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

We celebrated yesterday, with a party in Chloe's second grade classroom. There were so many sweets and treats it almost felt like Halloween, except there was the lovely colors of red, & pink all around. The theme was to have red food. So there were strawberry's, in different versions of dipped chocolates, white, dark, even strawberry's atop mascarpone cheese in a little tart, yummy. We also had red grapes, red peppers, red apples and strawberry yogurt. What a spread it was !

Our contribution to the spread were some very delicious chocolate butter cookies with melted white chocolate and red sprinkles on top. I got the recipe in the Holiday Baking edition of Cooks Illustrated. I found the recipe printed online in another blog here. One note, I didn't have expresso powder, so I just used instant coffee, and it worked great.

Chloe made some sweet little handmade Valentines. We kept it pretty simple, she cut out hearts from red cardstock, and put a wise saying on it, one I am sure you all know well, we sing that tune around here often.

Hope your day is filled with Sweet Love !!


ma and pa otter said...

yum and awwwwwwwww!
you guys got all you need!

Paida said...

Daleth told me that your cookies were amazing.

I love ALL of your creative outlets - you have a plethora of them.

Caroline said...

yumalicious!!! Happy V. Day..bit late!! :)