Monday, December 1, 2008


Chloe has been making entries into a old dream catcher journal that Alan had lying around never used. I just love this entry, Peace has been a theme for Chloe since the beginning of this school year. She was part of a group, (5th graders and 2nd graders) who got together to form "Peace Pals" for International Peace day. They learned to sing "We are the World" and had a performance in the school auditorium for everyone. So, I think this little entry was influenced by that event. Notice the word bubble coming out of the little person on the bottom, it says "Yes, we will" written backwards... Its so interesting to see how the world influences a 7 year old, and how it comes back out on paper.


ma and pa otter said...

oh my god. this is awesome on so many levels. you tell that girl that I love the way her mind works.

great faces, wonderful words, creativity abounds.

ma and pa otter said...

chloe. your mama showed me your latest drawings and they are so detailed and bright. I really appreciate your art work!!

Anonymous said...

awesomeness!!! Chloe is one cool chick! Idyllwild was great..thanks for bringing the sheets etc the other night!