Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I spent the past few days celebrating Mother's Day with Chloe and Blake and all the great Mothers of their friends and classmates. So, I was a guest at two different Mother's Day Tea's. How sweet! For the past 4 years I have really enjoyed Miss Olivia's English Tea at Circle of Friends Preschool. She brings out her bone china, makes some lovely treats, and the children greet us at the door and seat us at a beautifully set table. If you notice above, their is a picture that Blake drew on the Purple Tea Pot, he said it was a picture of me with a flowered dress on. Inside the Tea Card, Miss Olivia tapes a tea bag, and writes down a sweet little quote from each child describing their Mother. She also writes in every card;

Here's a gift for Mother's Day
I'll try my best in every way,
But when you get upset with me...
And have a cup of tea !


I love it ! The first year that I attended this tea was when Chloe was 3, and Blake was just under a year old. I think it was the first Mother's Day that I really felt appreciated. I remember tasting my first sip of tea, and to my surprise tears filled my eyes, because their was so much effort and care put into the event, but also because it reminded me of my Mother, and of my Scottish Grandmother. The tea tasted exactly like what I used to drink with both of them when I was a little girl. Red Rose Tea, milk and sugar, in bone china, just like it was long ago, sitting in my Grandmothers kitchen. What a gift it was to be taken back to that moment on Mother's Day.

Olivia also takes such great pictures of the kids in action at school, and displays them on a board outside the entrance of school. Look at Blake below, eating what he loves, noodles with chopsticks !

At Chloe's school, we also had a Mother's Day Tea, although this time, I made the tea, and we had no way of keeping it warm, so we had it cold, still good though ! I was greeted at the door by Chloe, she sat me in a special chair, gave me the vase and flowers she made, and after serving me tea and cookies, proceeded to read to me. Yes, Chloe is reading ! Chapter Books already ! It is so wonderful to have that time with her, in her classroom.

I can't end this post without saying a formal Happy Mother's Day to my own Mother, who I wish I could be spending the day with, but, since she is in Michigan, I can only chat on the phone, and drink a cup of tea in her honor. Happy Mother's Day Mom !

To all the Beautiful Mother's I know, I hope you enjoy your day !


Caroline said...

what a lovely post. We spent MOther's Day at the Children's Museum..lovely!

lydiafdc said...

So sweet! That is a beautiful tradition...happy mother's day to a great mamma!