Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Urban Farming Inspiration

I found this video through SouleMama's Blog. So, what do you think ?? Would you yank out your lawn to do this ??


ma and pa otter said...

I could so go that hardcore with just a little support...I think its really cool!

Anonymous said...

super cool! I would do that if I had the time. All of my grandmother's generation turned their gardens into kitchen gardens (as they called them) during wwII. She always looked on that time in England as the worst of times, but also the best...because everyone pulled together and did amazing things like this...hmmm. Thanks for this it!

Judy said...

When I was yay high (40 some years ago), I begged my Dad to rip up the front lawn and grow corn. He even entertained the idea until my Mom nixed it.
To me this video is forward thinking. Know where your food is coming from and buy it as close to home as possible.

lydiafdc said...

I watched this the other day and meant to add that it is weird growing up thinking food comes from the store as opposed to the ground. Such an invaluable gift to teach our kids! Thx for more inspiration!

Annie, I could totally see you doing this!