Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet Pea Day

Today was Sweet Pea Day at Summer's Past Farms. They have a huge sweet pea maze and once a year when they are in full bloom you can go there and cut your own bouquet. It was quite busy today, and there really was not enough flowers to cut for all the folks that showed up. Luckily we got to cut from the tower in the Children's Garden.

The kids had fun in the sand box area to. They informed me they were working hard on making a garden.

There seems to be endless amounts of flowers and herbs blooming all over the grounds, its just so lovely. A few of my favorites, vibrant blue delphiniums, with pink and white valerian behind them.

We are definitely having a very warm summer weekend here. Believe it or not, the high is 92 degree's today....sorry you Michiganders, just had to let you know what you are missing.


E'l Roy said...

I knew we were missing out on something today! But I was hanging out with Lydia and Shawn last night...and you know what those two will do to ya!

Anonymous said...

wow...sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers..georgous..that looks like so much fun...