Thursday, February 28, 2008

30 days ~ Day 30

Well, here it is my 30th day... I have really enjoyed posting a photo everyday, or shall I say almost everyday. I definitely have learned more about my camera during this time, and am very pleased that I have a collection of a month's worth of what we were doing during this time in our lives. It has also gotten me used to posting everyday, which for the most part I like, but there were times that I felt like I didn't want to have the obligation to. Either way, I think it has gotten me on the way to posting more often. As for 30 days of Self Portraits (Ashley's suggestion), I don't think I can do that at this point..but I will most definitely sneak a few of them in in the future, now that I got our tripod out of its dusty home in the garage. Thanks for taking the 30 day ride with us !


E'l Roy said...

Awww! Is it over? Do it again!

Anonymous said... it again, do it again!! It was the way..nice parting shot of the truck!

Eye4Beauty said...

Come on, keep it going!

Amy said...

Glad you guys enjoyed my 30 days. Makes me feel pretty good! I will see what I can do to keep it going !

lydiafdc said...

Loved the thirty days! I do know what you mean about the obligation of everyday. The only reason I carry on (sometimes) is cuz I possess a major stubborn/I will finish streak ;)

Look forward to future images from you!