Saturday, February 23, 2008

30 days ~ Day 25

Went to my favorite little Farmers Market yesterday. A place where I stop at least once a week, to pick up organic produce from some very nice people. They have a farm up in Valley Center and make a delivery Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. They are known for their organic citrus, and we savor the Valencia Oranges we bring home to make fresh orange juice with. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see the front door of this place. Its an old screen that makes that quick slamming noise after you walk in that reminds me of an old cottage. It's quite small inside and there is even a resident white fluffy kitty to greet us. Its comforting to be a regular there, its got that small town feel that I think our world lacks so much these days. Not to means we are buying and eating produce that has been grown and harvested very close to our home. It defines me as a Locavore, which if you haven't heard was Oxford's word of the year ! Check it out here.


Caroline said...

I love locavores!! :)

Cheryl said...

Where is this place? I live in San Diego, as well!