Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Professionals

I thought I might share some images that my photographer and good friend, Ashley Newton, took of Chloe and Blake last year. Maybe you recognize one from our Holiday Card? We did those at Ashley's studio, Ventana Kids.

Ventana Kids is in College Area, right down the street from us, (they also do on-location photography). If you look at the images, notice the striking Orange color that is painted on their walls, it really makes for a great backdrop for photo's, of course orange is one of my favorite colors !

What I really like about Ventana kids is that they do photo journalistic style photography, the shoots are a lot more natural and fun, and they capture the kids as they really are. There is no stress involved and no patronizing baby talk. I know that sometimes I can get a nice image of Chloe and Blake on my own, but they just don't compare to Ashley's work.

About a week after this shoot last year, they called me back in and showed me a beautiful slide presentation, with music and all, to help me pick what images I wanted for my home. Of course, I had tears in my eyes..

FYI... Ventana Kids is doing a special, unadvertised, "on-location mini-shoot day" at a Del Mar beach on November 11. That's this Sunday, and they still have spots available. For this event, their session fees are $150. Which to me, is a great deal. The nice part is that they will donate all their sessions fee's for the week of November 12th to the American Red Cross. Pretty cool...

Check out there website here. Also, look at their Blog, it will give you a great idea of their work on location...their is some amazing images. I will leave you with an image that is on Ashley's Gallery Page. When I went in last year for our shoot, I was only intending on having Chloe and Blake photographed, I was suffering from a sinus headache and felt like I looked terrible. Somehow I ended up in all the fun, and got this beautiful photo. Ashley and Ventana Kids are definately the Professionals, in my book !!

Thanks Ashley...


Eye4Beauty said...
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Paida said...

Those are really amazing photos!
Love them. You are right no matter how many great shots I have taken of my kids they are not close to being like those.

Orange is one of my favorite colors too!

Anonymous said...

great pics. ..and besides being a great photographer Ashley is also really fun to see a John Mayer concert with :)

Louise said...

What stunning photos. I love this style of photography and we used similar for our wedding and some of the children later on. Mind you your children are really gorgeous subjects and what a fine looking mama they have - sinus headache and all!!

Eye4Beauty said...

Blake and Chloe were especially fun to photograph because they were so full of life that day. And you're "our kind of mom" because you just let them be themselves in the studio. That is when the best photos happen!