Monday, December 22, 2008

Just 4 years Ago

I took these pictures of Chloe & Blake in December 2004, I think I sent them out with Christmas Cards that year, and since I have not done a Holiday Photo as of yet this year, thought I would share these. For those of you who remember my post about the Solstice Tree in my next store neighbors yard, well right directly underneath is where these images were taken.

The Poncho, Sweater and Hats were knit by my Mother.. I just loved them, they are definitely in the keepsake box now, except for the poncho, Chloe still wears it four years later. Thanks Mom !


ma and pa otter said...

amy, these babies are precious and colorful and expressive. love the pictures...and the kids!


Gabby said...

Awwww...Amy! I just LOVE those. I wish I knew you then so I could give them big, mushy, hugs! How could you pass up a hug for these cutie choochie faces?

Anonymous said...

adorable..and the knitted clothes are totally incredible...lovely pictures..they were so cute..and still are!

Eye4Beauty said...

You guys make really cute babies!