Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to Cali

Yes, we are home, back in California, warm weather, dry air, more brown than green foliage on the sides of the roads, and a big beautiful ocean close by. No more mosquito's, firefly's or humid, hot rainy days. No more delightful family and friend visits, minimal laundry to tend , or dinners out. It's back to my daily Mom routine of well, I could go down the list of chores...but most of you know what I mean. We really had a great time, and I had a very comforting feeling of home while I was there. Maybe because it was a 3 week stay, but mainly it was the people, my parents, brothers and close friends calling me daily to make plans. While we were taking off in the plane to come home, as the plane started to lift of the ground, I felt a huge pain in my heart, for that feeling of home that I was leaving. Tears flowed, and I realized that is was not just sadness I was feeling, but an overwhelming sense of gratitude & happiness, knowing that I was able to spend such quality time with everyone I love, and that Chloe and Blake are forging a close bond with our extended family in Michigan. When our plane was landing in Los Angeles, the tears came again, this time I think it was tears of joy to be coming back to my home, my husband and friends. Since I have been home, I have been doing quite a bit of nesting. Cleaning out drawers of old clothes, wiping out cupboards, tending to my garden & trying to get back on California time. I think the nesting has allowed me mental time to digest my experience in a place that used to be my home. For all you Michigan folks reading this post... Don't forget to plan your next trip to San Diego....because I miss you all already !!

I still have lots of images....

My Dad, with Chloe & Blake....this tree is in my parents backyard, I spent quite a bit of time playing under it as a little how that tree has grown !

My Mother's rock garden...

My Mom, love the look on everyone's faces...this was after a satisfying pizza dinner at Buddies

Adam & Estelle, with Chloe & Blake....a great bunch of good friends !

All the girlie cousins, all just a few years apart, Luca, Chloe, Payton & Kara

Rosie, the nicest Great Dane we have ever met !

My Cousin Cindy, playing her piano for Chloe....we want one of those !

Fresh carrots from the ground of my friend Gina's vegetable garden.

Dress up with Estelle and Grace

Chloe receiving $7 from Grandpa Guntist for her upcoming 7th Birthday.

Collecting seeds from Grandma Elva's Garden.

One of my all time favorite perennials, growing everywhere in Michigan, Echinacea.

By the way, during our last week of our trip in Michigan, I was unable to plug into the Internet and post, so I added a few new travel posts in the last few days, so scroll down after this to see what's lurking below.


ma and pa otter said...

all three of your blog posts are amazing and I am so glad you are back...also completely understand all the many emotions...really great pictures, flowers, friends, your babes, all the adventures. its a good life!!

Anonymous said...

Great posts...I read them all. What a wonderful time it sounds like you had..I remember the pictures of the grandparents house on the river from last summer. It looks georgous. Love it all. Welcome home!