Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Mural

A week ago, we helped paint the new mural at Chloe's school. It was really one of the most rewarding artistic experiences I've been involved in. Our school is so fortunate to have a Parent, Rafael Lopez who is a very gifted artist, and his work includes community art (murals), book illustrations, stamps, and much more. You can see more of his work here. The school mural was created after Rafael worked with school staff members. He asked them to come up with 10 words to describe our school. Many of the teachers and students were involved in the process. He then used the words to create the design, which match the images in the mural.

The words.....
World Community

Our friends Kellie and Phillip came out to help. It was a good thing, because when we got there, not much was left to paint, so Chloe and Blake got up on their shoulders. Look at how happy Blake is in this image, he just lit up when Phillip picked him precious

I was able to paint a very small area, which I think is so symbolic to my experience with the Gardens at school, it was the green leaves and stem on the flower that represents, growth and planting. It was repeated on the gate right next to the mural.

I think Chloe and Blake will remember this forever, what a beautiful imprint in their young minds.


lydiafdc said...

It makes such a difference! All that glorious color!

Caroline said...

it was such a great obviously inspired us all. Go school! Great pictures Amy!

Paida said...

So beautiful! Amazing.