Thursday, February 14, 2008

30 days ~ Day 18

Valentine Cookies...

We made cookies for Chloe's Valentine Celebration at school. Chloe was yet again a busy worker bee on this one. It started with mixing all the ingredients...Blake was in on that step, then rolling out the dough, cutting they tiny heart shapes, putting them on the tray, adding the sprinkles and in to the over they went ! We wanted to make the cookies a pink or red color, so we used a natural food coloring that indicated the color would come out strawberry...well, it turned out to be a blah blah purple...we laughed about it, and ended up thinking it was not so bad once the red sprinkles topped them. They turned out to be yummy and we have a ton of them left.

When we got home from school, I found this e-card from Alan in my mailbox...I was cracking up. (P.S. When you click on the e-card it will skip a bit, just wait it out for a few seconds.) Enjoy !

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