Monday, December 31, 2007

Handmade ~ Giving and Receiving

Quite of bit of crafting went on for Christmas Presents this year. Here are some of the highlights...

~These are some of the things I made~
Aromatherpy Rice/Flax Bags, made out of flannel with a fun applique, complete with a tag of instructions. These are great for warming up in the microwave, and laying on that aching head after experiencing the Holidaze..

Arsty Clutch for my Sister-In-Law, pattern is from Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing" Book. I added some simple embroidery and a fabulous vintage button.

Here are some of the things My Amaziningly Creative Mother made for us.

The Christmas Tree Necklace, there are earings to match to..

A Brillant Pendant, which there is a name for these beads, that I can't recall, Mom, help me out.

I call this the Crystal Ball Necklace, it looks much more beautiful in person. Its made from Swarovski Crystals, that are strung together with needle and thread, and each hole is the shape of a star. It was to hard to get that on film.

I love this...Its a hand knit Alligator Scarf for cute.

These are sparkly Pine Cone Ornaments that Chloe and Blake made at school..

Complete with lovely hand drawn wrapping paper from Chloe... a joy to open up on Christmas Morning!

My Friend Annie, made this Candle holder, she works with Mosaic and does a beautiful job...

This is one of my favorite gifts, although it is not handmade, it is a gift card for my favorite store of all time... Anthropologie. Thanks to My Hubbie...


lydiafdc said...

What fabulous crafting! I L-O-V-E that bag you made...everything about it...the fabric, button, etc. And the scarf from grandma and the candle from Annie!

Tell me if you need help spending that gift card to Anthropologie ;)

Paida said...

Wow a VERY impressive collection. I am amazed by all the creativity coming in and out of your house. What a wonderful collection.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Good god..I love it all..especially the vintage button and that bird fabric..oh yes and the alligator scarf. I am very impressed.

I have completely fallen in love with a vintage dress of Annie's that I wore New Year's Eve, and I had a proposal for me make a copy of it with some incredible silk fabric (same fabric as the dress...ofcourse it will be a different pattern). What do you think...maybe when things are back to normal. Of course this is assuming Annie will give permission to "copy" her dress :)

Amy said...

Caroline, I would love to try to copy the vintage dress. I am not an expert by any means at doing a "knock off". We would have to do a muslin mock up first, and then go from would be a fun project for the both of us, and would get you to dust off that sewing machine of yours !

Martihuerta said...

I know second hand the passion of sewing (gracias a mi mujercita), and i'm impressed for the amount of work and skill you have to put on your creations.
Even though my manly opinions are good for two things, let me congratulate for your work, Amy. I love the feeling of satisfaction Daleth gets when doing her sewing, you must be proud of yours.

daleth said...

3 things.
I'm impressed for your craft work.
I'm impressed for my husband's comment, all the way from Australia,I bet he misses us.
Thank you for the delicious pillow, I already used it.

E'l Roy said...

Ah, it seems Daleth has beaten me to the punch!

Thank you, indeed, for the pillow. I had a rough night last night, and the aromatherapy is absolutely soothing!