Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun !!

We had lots of fun this Halloween, despite a creepy crawly cold and flu virus...

We did some decorating, and some pumpkin carving...first time Chloe carved herself !! I have to say it's my favorite part of Halloween....carving, then lighting, then inhaling the smell of pumpkin insides as the candle's burn away. Someone who came trick or treating actually thought I was baking something...


Chloe's Kitty Cat Pumpkin

Blake's Scary Pumpkin

The whole family's pumpkins...The Tree was inspired by my friend Annie

During the day, there was lots of fun at Blake's Preschool, and Chloe's School.

Chloe was San, Princess Mononoke

Anne (Chloe and Blake's Fairy God Mother) came to Chloe's class for a Halloween Party
Love those Red Wings !!

Blake was a Cowboy, one who did not like Momma taking pictures of him.

In the words of my friend Lori who took this picture "The little cow poke has been on the range to long !"

The coolest "Mom" Costume, ever... A Mexican Wrestler

Last but not Flower Costume...things have been quite flowery around here lately and thanks to my friend Elizabeth, who found this absoulutely fabulous vintage smock at a church rummage sale, (for $1) I was able to be bright all day...


Caroline said...

love it, love it, love it! Great pictures...all of them. Love the flower costume (okay..who's the Mexican Wrestler?).

daleth said...

In fact, that "Mexican wrestler" is no-body else, that Blue-Demon himself, or herself (very funny Sue).
Pepe says: please more respect for Blue Demon.
Blue Demon is an icon for "Professional Mexican wrestling", as they call it.

Louise said...

Wow fantastic pumpkin carving. What a clever family you are. Love all the costumes - that wrestler one is a beauty!

Louise said...

Just tagged you again!! This is a good one - will get to know you a little more!

Paida said...

OMG the Mexican wrestler costume mama really is the BEST EVER! I would love to steal it for next year, but I don't have those kickin' boots in my closet.

Love all the photos.