Monday, October 1, 2007

Free Motion

I made this pillow for Chloe's friend Bidane. We attended her Birthday Party just over a week ago. I originally wanted to make her a skirt, but was so busy with the Garden Project at school, that the first chance I got to sit down and sew was the morning of the party. I thought it would be quicker to make a pillow, and I have been wanting to transform Chloe's Art in to Embroidery.

Chloe used an erasable marker to draw her design, and then I actually thought I could sit down and hand embroider it... Well, I realized that might take about a week, so I got out my Bernina and Free Wheeled !! Well, really I used the Free Motion feature, which is to drop the feed dogs on the machine, put on the darning foot and go to town with moving the fabric all over to do what I call "messy embroidery". I have to admit, I was a little afraid to try this. When I sew, I tend to become very detailed oriented and spend a tremendous amount of time on making sure what I am constructing is close to perfect, so this was a nice way to break those rules for me. I guess it made it easier to get away with, since the design was drawn by Chloe...sort of goes with what a child's drawing can convey.

Check out my most favorite decorative stitch.

I used bright colors, it seemed to match Bidane's personality, bright and happy. I hope she likes it !!


Martihuerta said...

We love it! This kind of presents are really special, thanks a lot. Chloe and you are a good tag team.

Anonymous said...

it is adorable! absolutely divine..and I can understand why that decorative stitch is your fave.

ma and pa otter said...

wow! beautiful! amy and chloe too! I want one!

Louise said...

WOW! I love the drawing and the embroidery is fantastic - I have complete machine envy! I bet she loves it and what fabulously loud colours - just gorgeous!! I know my girls would be beside themselves if they received a gift like this.

daleth said...

Thank you Amy, we all four loved that present. Bidane is very happy with it. I didn't have the opportunity to tell you she used it right away, she slept with it in the car.
Very honored to have an original Chloe design too.