Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unexpected Gifts from Nature

We have been inspired by the plants in The San Diego Zoo ever since we moved here 9 years ago. So we have slowly added lots of foliage to our backyard. Bamboo, ferns, ginger and plants we don't even know the names of, but had to have them when we came across them. Every so often one of the plants puts out some amazingly awesome fruit or flower that we had no idea existed, and we consider it a secret gift to us. They are lovely surprises.

Here is one of them.. This plant is referred to as "Elephant Ear" the botanical name is Colocasia Esculentum. Alan bought it because he loved the shape and size of it...we had no idea that it would produce these red seed pods.

While we are on the subject of nature, and gifts, here are some expected bounty from our vegetable garden. These photo's were taken in August just before our vacation..we are sad that we are at the tail end of our vegetables, but we savored every bite we could !

Sun Gold Cherry Tomato's

Marigolds...lots of Green and Orange..two of my favorite colors !

Armenian Cucumber's

Last but not least, the one of many Flying Green Beatles Chloe befriended.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I have to show the green beatle pic to Isabel and Benjamin because they are scared beyond scared of them for some reason. I think it's the way they buzz into your head and bounce off it. Are those june bugs?

Love the other pictures...thanks for the name of the elephant's love the veggies and you eat the Armenian cucumbers?

Amy said...

Yes we ate the Armenian Cucumbers and they were very good, very mild tasting.

Yes, I think the green bug is a june bug..and what I didn't talk about was that Chloe spend a whole afternoon with one on her arm and hand, it had a broken wing. It was so sweet, she walked around having sweet little conversations with it...then finally set it free... They are really harmless, and when you use a magnifying glass to check them out up close, it is really cool !!!

Eye4Beauty said...

ooh la la! Great pics, as always!

Paida said...

Love the back yard pics. As a person with a solidly brown thumb you inspire me.

lydiafdc said...

You have a great eye for photos. I can't wait to see what you help to create at the school.

daleth said...

Beautiful garden! I had the same inspiration-idea about the zoo... but..even the green house in Balboa Park. But with shame, have to say, I do little with my garden.