Thursday, August 2, 2007

All Boxed Up

How is it, that a simple cardboard box can provide hours upon hours of entertainment and creative play for a 5 and 3 year old ?

One of the beauty's of summer...lots of time to just play.

Happy Feet !!


IncogKnito said...

Those feet pictures are hilarious. Oh, I miss the days when playing in boxes was something I could do ALLLLLL day. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey..and look how clean those feet are, wasn't Emil making fun of you when we went camping because you don't like dirty feet????

E'l Roy said...

Hey wait, what?! A you trying to start something,
? ;)
Those two are so adorable playing together!

erica said...

Wasn't the cardboard box listed on the national toy hall of fame list?? I was just telling a friend who had her first baby that with my next I'm doing things completely differently, starting with not buying any toys!! I have found that wooden spoons, pots, pans, containers of various sizes, boxes, sticks, water, and various food items are WAY more fun and entertaining than any painted piece of plastic!!!

Chloe and Blake look like they probably spent all day laughing and having fun in that box! Those are some clean feet by the way!!

Amy said...

So funny you guys are noticing the clean feet, because it is almost never like that over here, even though I do have a thing (as Caroline so graciously pointed out) about dirty dogs... The pictures were taken in the morning...and I must have insisted they clean their footies before going to bed, especially he doesn't rub grimmy toes all over me when he slides in our family bed !!

Yes, a box goes a long, long way, over the plastic stuff...that's for sure..

Paida said...

I love the "happy feet" photo too.

I cut the bottom of my foot pretty badly a few years back and had to go to the ER. I think 3 different employees or the ER pointed out HOW DIRTY my feet were. Thats what I get for walking outside barefoot!

Louise said...

I love your pictures - it's all so summery! And yes, there is nothing like a big cardboard box to play in. Happy days!!

Felicia said...

LOL Those eyes are so precious. Extra large boxes are such wonderful fodder for the imagination.

Louise said...

Hi, me again - you've just been tagged - go check out my blog!