Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Secret Garden

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I was at Chloe's School again gardening. This time we planted flowers in what we call "The Secret Garden". Which is a small space on the way into school where we have some raised flower beds, a sand box and a slide for the kids to frolic in. We had a brilliant show of Iceland Poppies for the winter, but they needed to be replaced. I am sad to say I never got any photographs of them in there glory... oh well, there is always next winter. I am really into red and purple colors in the garden these days, so I picked up some Red Geranium's, Purple Petunia's, and a very cool plant called HypoEstes, which the kids and I renamed, the "Green and Pink plant."

Originally uploaded by ebilflindas.

When I garden with the kids, it is so hard to get good pictures, so I asked one of my favorite Dad's to come help and shoot some pictures. He is an Amazing Photographer, and great fun to be with. The photographs in this post are all his work. I thank him for capturing these moments, because let me tell you they happen so quick with Kindergartners.

I loved every photo I wanted to post them all, but thank goodness I learned how to link, click here to see the rest of them, they are under "Gardening Super Stars".

Thanks so much Emil !! I will cherish these for a long time to come...
P.S. I hope you won't mind being the Official School Garden Photographer.

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E'l Roy said...

I don't mind being the Official School _______ Photographer at all! I actually got a few shots of the poppies--I created a new set--The Secret Garden--where I'll put any pictures that have to do with that little plot o' paradise. I'm gonna have to go through my photos, all the way back to that first Zoo field trip, and create a collection of all photos and sets that have to do with school. Did you ever see that photo of you and Blake from that first field trip?