Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hearts & Mountains

We have been battling the nasty Strep A in our house these past few weeks...among other nasty virus's...a whole other blog post in itself, but I will leave that for another day. Two nights ago I had to take Chloe back to the Doctor's office. We keep a bag with small sketch books, markers and crayons in the keep little hands busy, and look what she came up with...Beautiful Mountains ! I am just blown away by the pictures that come out of this little girl.... so I will most likely be posting many of her drawings. Of course I cherise all of her work, and can't let go of any of it...I see stacks and stacks of plastic bins labeled "Chloe's Art" in our future garage...and the conversation my Hubbie and I will have over it.... :)

I am working on another apron...a gift for a lovely friend of ours...and of course...heart pockets are in order !!

Thanks to all you wonderful people who left such nice and supportive comments on my first post...Lots of Love back to you all !!!!


Louise said...

Funny - you are a new blogger, love green, aprons AND have a daughter called Chloe! Mine is also a great little artist - they never cease to amaze do they! Strangely she also has a virus at the moment!

Caroline said...

Love Chloe's mountain pic. Yes, I have all of Iz and Benj's drawings..and I'm running out of space.