Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Diggin' in the Dirt

Oh how I love digging in the dirt...the smell, the texture, the bugs to show my children, the possibilities of what will grow in it...

I spent some time these past few weekends getting the vegetable and herb garden prepared. I had a little help from my friend Kelly (thanks !) The first thing we did, was add some lovely smelling chicken manure to the soil, along with some other compost. When I say lovely, I think I might be one of the only people I know, who loves the smell of it . This year, I planted tomato's, 3 types, cucumbers, radish seeds, basil, chives, flat leaf parsley, strawberry's, arugula, and mixed lettuce greens. In pots there will be pineapple orange mint (said to be great in Mojitos), chamomile, sage and whatever else I can get my hands on at the farmer's market next week.

The vegetable garden is always a work in progress, I can keep adding more plants and seeds as I go. That's the beauty of it. The plants are tiny now, but give them a month with sun, h2o, and some tender loving care, and they will be very happy and abundant. One of the greatest joys I get in life, is going to my garden before dinner to pick fresh veggies for our dinner salad, and herbs for whatever dish I am making. The taste is so wonderful....mmmm.... I will post some recipe's in the future, using these ingredients.

While I was digging in the dirt, my Better Half (yes, I said better half) was using his muscles, and sweat along with the new Circular saw, to construct me an absolutely beautiful cutting table for my sewing studio. I have been babysitting a tall cutting table and a sewing table for a friend (thanks Tammy) and now it is time for them to go back to their original home. So, after about 5 or so hours...this is the finished piece.

The picture does not do it is really much lovelier in person. Its all wood, 70" by 30", stained a nice color, and the bonus, it has wheels !!

Thank you, Alan ! Once again, you have found a way to my heart ... I love you !

Speaking of hearts, it wouldn't be a perfect day without finding the hearts that Chloe drew on the flower pots....


otter said...

our veggies are growing too...I have heard that there is a pretty devastating tomato disease out there this year (heard about it on NPR, then again at the nursery) that is carried by white flies so if you have white flies on any of your other plants, now is the time to get out your soap and water spray bottles, or even better, something you can attatch to your hose to soapy-blast em. I hear it starts with the leaves yellowing and curling and then the tomato won't bear fruit. Good luck! There's nothing like a garden! This year we, too, have a bunch of varieties of tomatos, beans, radishes, cilantro, marjoram, chives, basil, strawberries, dill and SUNFLOWERS!!! I wish we had room for cucumbers and pumpkins and the low crawlers...maybe cantelope and artichokes...what a dream!

Louise said...

How wonderful is your husband!! I absolutely LOVE that table and wish I had the room for something so large and useful in my house. Lucky you!

lydiafdc said...

I love that don't know Shawn, but he is attempting to build a deck right now, I will be showing him the pic of your new be made for my sewing's gorgeous!!!
(friend of Caroline & Annie)